The Tale of the Forest

OPOWIESC O LESIE wystawa 68x98cm wwwThe main exhibition of the photographs entitled “The Tale of the Forest” was opened on 30th May. You can visit it until 12th June 2017 in the Eugeniusz Haneman Gallery of the Łódź Photography Association, 102 Piotrkowska Street: www.ltf.com.pl

The Festival organisers have invited the best Polish nature photographers to present their works at the Festival, all connected by the motto of the 17th edition of the Festival: FORESTS IN THE CULTURAL LANDSCAPE OF EUROPE. Due to the positive reaction to this invitation, at the exhibition we can see the intriguing art photographs by: Adam Adamski, Michał Ludwiczak, Łukasz Łukasik, Tomasz Ogrodowczyk, Magdalena Sarat, Dariusz Sarnowski, Ryszard Sąsiadek, Radosław Trzciński, Marek Trzeciak and Wojciech Wójcik. The exhibition the “Tale of the Forest” was organised at the place well-known to art photography lovers – at the gallery of the Łódź Photography Association which was established in 1949. The Photography Gallery of the Łódź Photography Association (ŁTF) usually hosts individual and collective exhibitions by local and foreign authors – approximately 24 a year. The Photography Association also organises workshops, competitions, slide shows and open-air photography workshops.

Runts and Giants by Magdalena Sarat and Łukasz Łukasik


Zarzewska Gallery - Culture House „Zarzewie” 4 Wandurskiego Street, ŁódźMIKRUSY i OLBRZYMY wystawa 68x98cm www

Exhibition opening: 9.06.2017, 7.00 pm.

A lot of hours spent with the camera in small and big forests resulted in this exhibition which has proven that neither giants nor runts can do without each other. This has been a trial to uncover woods’  secrets. The authors wanted to make animals, living in the forest and nearby, the main characters of their pictures.  However, hours spent in hiding places, very often fruitless, forced them to constantly learn through observation, drawing conclusions and verifying their intentions. The nature taught them how to treat it . They recall : ‘’Good pictures were our reward for having done homework well. Flu, runny noses and almost frostbitten fingers were for those who hadn’t prepared sufficiently.” The idea of photographing forest animals has changed completely. Camera lens changes has drawn the authors into a fascinating micro world which has been surprising us with various shapes and colours . The authors of  “Small Big Forest” and “Runts and Giants “ will tell us, during the opening of their exhibitions, about their experiences  they had while preparing the presentations.

Brodnicki Landscape Park

prepared by the International Wildlife Film and Photography Festival „The Art of Nature”, Toruń

the Film Museum in Łódź, 1 Zwycięstwa Square.

Exhibition opening: 9.06.2017, 5.30 pm

This exhibition is a photographic field crop that took place on 25 - 29 May 2016 in Brodnicki Landscape Park.

The pictures are exhibited by: Edyta Adamska, Adam Adamski, Liliana Cieszyńska, Ireneusz Dziugieł, Jarosław Jeleński, Piotr Olkiewicz, Dariusz Sarnowski, Piotr Szumigaj, Piotr Tamborek, Marek Trzeciak, Wojciech Wójcik, Anna Zwolińska.

Wojciech Wójcik zaproszeniowaWojciech Wójcik zaproszeniowaWojciech Wójcik zaproszeniowaWojciech Wójcik zaproszeniowa

Polish Forest

Włodzimierz  Puchalski ‘s photographs exhibition “Polish Forest” from the collection of the Niepołomicki Museum

the Palm House of the Botanic Garden, 61 Pilsudski avenue, Łódź

Exhibition opening: 09.06.2017, 5.00 pm

Brzozy wwwThe Palm House of the Botanic Garden in Łódź invites you to see the photographs of Włodzimierz Puchalski- the Festival Patron, between 10 a.m and 6 p.m, except for Mondays when the Palm House is closed.

For Włodzimierz Puchalski the deep forest backwoods reflected man’s natural, almost primeval, desire to be close to the world of nature. The forest solitude is presented as a source of extraordinary forms, majestic trees and the opulent world of animals and plants. The colourful collection of exotic plants presented in the hot - houses and at the Palm House located in 1 Źródliska Park, stand in contrast to the black and white photographs. The three Palm House pavilions host a collection of the sclerophyllous plants, cacti and other succulents, as well as the tropical flora including the stunning palm trees- the oldest in Poland. The Palm House Gallery hosts Włodzimierz Puchalski’s photographs which are a supplement to the exhibition presented at the “Tłustym Drukiem” Gallery.